Dear Community,

it has been our plan to finish and release the demo-version of the Hunter of Falkenberg in December.

The betatestphase went pretty well, we were able to fix many bugs and errors thanks to our diligent testers and helpers.

Thanks to their feedback and because we also weren’t entirely happy with the current build we however decided to further improve the releaseversion.

Steph has been doing her magic again and was drawing this beautiful concept art of Lilly

This means that the Hunter will get a renown and relationshipsystem. This will cause that your decisions will actively have impact on the world and story of the game, we do that especially with the full version in mind. Some decisions will already have impact in the demo though.

Furthermore we implement a level- and skillsystem to make the gameplay more variable and varied.

This means that we have to postpone the release to next year. Release date will be the 02.02.2022 on Steam and Additionally we will need a short second betaphase to test the changes on the systems in detail. If you are interested to join the testphase please let us know.


Your Sleipnir Dreamware Team

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