Our Studio.

We love creating memorable and beautiful experiences

We founded our studio in March 2021. First planned to be a limited cooperation for some parts of our solo-projects, it developed further into a full-fledged label and studio. We decided to combine our strengths and skillsets to create dream-worthy gaming experiences.

Our passion and vision is to create original worlds, exciting adventures, fascinating characters and captivating stories in retro-pixel-art-style for our players to remember.

For this we have grown the team to nine developers so far, and each one of us excels in his or her area.

Our Values and Spirit

01. Teamwork

02. Trust

03. Passion

04. Reliability

We are a team of 9 developers who collaborate with external freelancers.


CEO & Co-Founder

André has enjoyed video games, and RPGs in particular, since he was 6 years old. He has a passion for great stories, captivating dialogues and inspiring new worlds. He started to write a book called “Astendir”, and later decided to use the materials for his first venture into video games instead.

He is the CEO & writer of Sleipnir-Dreamware, and is responsible for crafting the worlds and developing the game concepts. On the side, he uses his social and managerial skills to keep the team together and productive.


Art Director & Co-Founder

Kevin’s realm is the coherence in our game art and media. He makes sure that the different styles of visual, musical and creative elements blend into something awe-inspiring, magical and innovative.

When he is not managing the artist team, he also creates artwork, levels and soundtracks for our games and surprises both the team and the playerbase with his very own and unique audiovisual style.

He is the creator of “Song of Calamity” and hopes that our games will bring as much fun and enjoyment as we had creating them!


Pixel Artist & Co-Founder

Dominik is known throughout the German developer scene for his pixel-art. He has his own “Pixelfarm” where he offers pixelated monsters, characters and own tilesets that he created from scratch. He his known for the high quality of his work.

He is the one and only pixel-artist of Sleipnir-Dreamware.


Programmer, Webmaster & Co-Founder

Jens is the second programmer who joined the team. His main task is to enable creative mechanics and optical game elements that would not be possible to implement with the base functionalities of the development engines. He also performs bugfixing and supports us at technical questions.

As a member of our web development team, he is also in charge of technical implementations in this section. He supports us at building and maintaining our web presentation in CMS as well as in pure web code.

Being a natural scientist you could describe Jens as the ‘Samantha Carter’ [Stargate] of our Team – interested in everything that is technologically up to date.



Markus joined the team in June 2021 and is the lead programmer of Sleipnir Dreamware. He advises the project managers on the technical feasibility of their creative ideas, and manages the programming team. His area of responsibility ranges from adapting the existing functions to troubleshooting and creating extensions for the development environment.

Aside from bits and bytes, Markus is the father of two wonderful daughters.



Steph has a traditional art background as oil on canvas artist.

While she still very much prefers physical mediums, the shift to digital painting for the project “The Hunter of Falkenberg” is an exciting challenge.

She met André when they both worked together on the game “Astendir”, which was her second game-development illustration experience. Their collaboration has expanded to The Hunter of Falkenberg, with both projects being active in development.

She loves dark and unsettling stories, medieval worlds and Japanese aesthetics.


Music & Sound Effects
Leo W.

Leo is a classically trained pianist who enjoys writing different genres of music.

He loves exploring various sonic elements and making them cohesive from one to another.

One of his hobbies is video games, and he is passionate about enhancing the beauty of the gaming experience by making music and sound effects for them.


English Proofreading & Translations
Vicky I.

As a kid, Vicky dreamed of becoming a writer, but she couldn’t decide whether that would be a poet, a screenwriter or a speechwriter. But even at a young age, she loved the power of words to create worlds and convey feelings.

Something went wrong along the way though, and she ended up being an engineer instead. But, when André asked her to join Sleipnir as an editor/proofreader, she saw an opportunity to explore an old dream in a fantasy world.

Outside of Sleipnir, she loves playing in random forests, and mending and casting deep neural nets; but her true love is being a mom to her wonderful daughter.


We are proud and glad to have found partners on our road to collaborate with and support each other.

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