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The Hunter of Falkenberg

Greetings Sleipnir adventurers!

It’s time again for news from our beautiful dream factory indie game studio. What has happened in the last 2 weeks? Read it yourself!

A wild teammate wants to fight!

In the last two weeks after our first demo release for our 16 bit action RPG “The Hunter of Falkenberg” on Steam, the team has grown again. LeoW has proven himself after a small challenge and has joined the team as a new musician from Canada.

The good Corenna has also joined our lively Sleipnir squad as a native translator. Welcome you two!

Hit the Roadmap!

Now that the demo for our Hunter is out, we can go on holiday…NOT! Now it’s really on.

The Hunter demo may be released, but of course we will continue to supply it with regular patches up to the full version in the long term. Our goal is, as always, to offer high quality for you, the players!

We also continue to work hard on our second Steam release of our 16-bit Gothic JRPG Song of Calamity I – Music, Paranormal Events & Sinister Fairies”. Most of it is already there, but the translation is missing still to a large extent. Stay tuned!

But our good pixel demon Rasak also has a lot to offer and always works hard on his new “Frostfate” release. It is an rpg with tactical grid-based combat system. Expect to hear from an extended international release soon!

Battle icy monsters in a tactical combat system in FROSTFATE!

If you don’t follow us on our social media channels like Twitter, Reddit or Discord yet, then do so now! Of course, we are always happy about every Steam Wishlist.

Talk to the Streamer (TttS) – The cool cosplayer

A new streamer interview is waiting for you! Today with the cool dude GamingPeon, who streamed our demo right on the release day in a Sigurd of Falkenberg cosplay! Amazong! Check out the interview with our indie game studio here:

Hi GamingPeon!

Thank you for saving a few minutes for our little Dream Factory interview. Anyone who knows you and your streams and videos already knows a lot about you, but please tell the others something about yourself.

  • Hi! For those who don’t know me yet, I’m the peon and I’m a variety streamer with a focus on RPG, story & development games. I like it when something develops and maybe that’s why I became a developer myself. I started streaming about two and a half years ago and have been building my community ever since, where I was ultimately asked by you if I could play your game “The Hunter of Falkenberg”.

Time to explore your most intimate secrets: Lego or Playmobil? What is the only true child’s toy?

• I actually had both growing up, but Lego is more in my heart. At least Lego has multiplied, while Playmobile has stayed the same and even disappeared to this day. With Lego you’re just a lot more creative, because you could assemble Lego in other ways, which gave you more freedom in your mind. For me, Lego is the only true children’stoy!

Enough about you, more about Sleipnir Dreamware. Did everyone in the Sleipnir gang behave well during your stream and not do anything stupid?

  • Now that I’ve gotten to know you better over the last few weeks, I’m not sure if everyone has behaved. Maybe I can still find summoning formulas and roast pork sacrifices from Rasak’s summoning attempts somewhere in the stream that should give me hell. Joking aside, of course you all behaved very well. I was very pleasantly surprised that from the announced 1 person, 5 people (at least that’s how many I counted) of you were in the stream. Everyone was very nice, helpful and you could tell I had fun doing it to watch/listen.

If you look back at Wednesday’s stream: What do you remember particularly positively about the whole “The Hunter of Falkenberg” experience? where do you see it´s strengths?

• I was particularly pleased with the pixel graphics of the game. Displaying so many details graphically despite the pixels and also having them clearly recognizable shows a love of detail. Furthermore, I really liked the story, where you can clearly see where the roots of this game are and the associated quest system, which keeps you going deeper and deeper drives into history.

How are your clairvoyant abilities? If Sigurd and his adventures continued, would you play it again? What else would you wish for as a player?

  • First of all, yes. I’m interested in the story and would like to complete the game as well. Considering the idea behind this game, I would add things like bombs, blade poisons or something like that to a hunter’s setup. I am also very curious to see how far the skill tree can be used in the course of the full game.

When you’re not playing our demo, what fascinates you most about gaming and streaming? Is it the chatter about other games or is it the games themselves? Or both?

• Both. I am first and foremost a gamer and then a streamer and of course interested as a developer also in game development. It was a childhood dream to work in game development, but somehow I slipped into merchandise management. That’s why we like to talk about games and their development. In addition, you get to know so many new and interesting people while streaming. Without the streaming, I probably wouldn’thave been made aware of you so easily.

Who has turned the clock? It is already so late! To connect, name the 5 items that you would not want to do without on a trip to Mars

  • Just for the trip to Mars? Roast pork from the day before or even better freshly prepared, my laptop, a towel (insiders know why), a bunch of games and a development environment!

To infinity! And much more! Thank you for your precious time! By the way, the full video for the stream can be seen here (CLICK ME!).

More is not possible

And again, two weeks are flying by so quickly in our indie game studio. And two more will follow until you get something to read from us again. Don’tlet it get you down and stay healthy. The hunt continues!

Until then!

Your Sleipnir rascals

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows one of our latest Artworks of our latest press kit. This centralized block of italicised text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”!

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