Hello dear Sleipnir-gang!

Same wave, same place!

Well we’re not a radio channel but regularity is definitely part of professionality right? Let’s not waste any time and present the latest news from the past two weeks for you.

The “You’re not allowed in here” closed-beta-phase

As already announced in the last newsletter we finally finished our internal alpha-tests. After hard crunchy nights in which we fixed the last bugs and added new ones into our code our beta-testers can finally play our “absolutely bug free” version. Please excuse this joke from the game development daily routine but it’s not always easy to keep up to a certain quality level without losing yourself in details.

Even Star Wars knows that bugs return faster than you think.
(Source: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKKztlpPjwTSFiSoEDeNwGHLoEFVVlJQ5Unw&usqp=CAU)

Despite all of that it happens at times that you fix one bug and two new ones appear. As if there was a nest somewhere! For example there are again and again “layering” bugs, where our protagonists are standing on a tree, roots or something like that. Ghostly shadows can be here, as this beta-screenshot proves:

Who are you gonna call? Ghost hunters!

Even though there are some faults at times that need to be fixed, we also receive praisings for example for our hand-pixelated animations. Our good pixel-demon Rasak spent countless nights and annoying wishes but it paid off as we were told. 

If you want to get more news and information about our projects or just want to chat with our community members then please join our discord-server! Just click on the discord-pic:

Talk to the Team (Tttt) – Let’s meet the fairy tales and storytelling Grim Reaper!

Death sneaks up on us quietly… Oh! There he is already! This time we invited the almighty CEO of “Sleipnir Dreamware” for an interview: Boandlkramer! Here you can read what he has to say:

*Hello Boandlkramer! Or shall we rather call you André, your real life name? Please tell us something about the person beyond the black robe. Why the name of death?*

  • Hello! I’m okay with both really. I got used to being called Boandlkramer or Kramer. I chose the name because I like the Bavarian legend of “Brandner Kaspar” a lot, and Bully is great as Boandlkramer in the movie adaptation. Apart from that, I’d love to share a few things. I’m 32 years old, live in the beautiful Bavaria and work in the office of a midsized HVAC company. I love literature, classical music and writing. Therefore, it became my dream to create my own story as a book or a game.

Besides your post as co-founder and CEO in Sleipnir Dreamware you have the position as writer. What are you particularly interested in there?

  • I love literature and started writing stories early on in life. I began writing a novel many years ago but was unable to get my vision into a book in the end. I wanted to implement, for example, the ability to decide at certain points in the story; and that was the birth of the project “Astendir”. I love to get lost in worlds that others create and want to give others the same feeling.

How would you describe your first Sleipnir-experience? Was there a nice meeting with pretty beers or whatever you drink as death?

  • That wasn’t really spectacular. I hosted a game-jam where MagicalSpaceWizard and Rasak took part. I somehow started to talk to Wiz and we both said it would be cool to create a game together. He then said, let’s ask Rasak too. And when we talked in the group we pretty quickly agreed upon a common goal: to create games professionally together. All of us can put our strengths on display while limiting our weaknesses. And at some point, we extended the team. I knew Steph from my Astendir project, she’d hdraw already for me. Kalle joined through Wiz and Mr. Fu and Dizzy joined after the job offer in the dev-community.

You are currently already working on the concept of the full version of the Hunter. Can you share some mini-story-detail with us?

  • This is now of course hard without giving spoilers. But I can share that the base in the full version will be an extendable castle and you will, during the story, find out the whereabouts of Lilly.

There was a certain “The Witcher”-feeling in the first jam-version. Was that planned or coincidence?

  • The theme of the jam was to create a demake of a game. So we picked “The Witcher” as a role model and added our own style into it. So definitely planned.

What are your biggest inspirations when it comes to writing? Do you have role models?

  • Of course I do. I’ve always loved classical writers like Goethe and Schiller. But, in particular, I like the way George RR Martin creates his characters, they all are grey and layered, none of them black or white. And I like the worlds that Richard Schwartz creates.

Writing texts that everybody understands easily and quickly isn’t easy. Please describe your favourite series as a child without naming it. In at most five words!

  • Chipmunks are fighting criminals together!

And people think that death only has one job! Here at Sleipnir Dreamware things continue even after life. If you want to know the name of the series, you can always follow our social media or community channels!

What comes next?

We’ll be more thrifty with updates in the next weeks as we don’t want to spoiler too much from the demo-version. We also decided for the good of the team members who were crunching the past weeks to only release a new beta-version once per week unless there are gamebreakers. This is also to save up energy for the upcoming tasks.

Additionally there are final steps for the steam-page so that we can gather wishlist-entries. We are also working on a game-website so you can really look forward to new and cool updates.

Stay put!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows Hunter Sigurd being proud of dear Lilly. We are also proud of all of you who have always been supporting us. This centralized block of italicised text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server in case you feel like chatting with us and the other community members, so we can send you update notifications once builds and other stuff get released. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here!

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