Hello, dear Sleipnir gang!

How nice that you are back here. We are now followed by over 1234 people on Twitter. This is really amazing! It’s so cool that we have changed our access code for the Sleipnir safe to match.

Did it work? Then let’s take a look at the latest Sleipnir treasures!

Pointy appointments

The time has come! Now we can really start. We have a present for you at the end of the year and at Christmas time. Something very special! We have * drum roll * a release date for the demo of our 16 bit action RPG “The Hunter of Falkenberg”: 02.02.2022! Then finally it will reach Steam. 

The reason for this date is above all our urge to offer you the best possible gaming experience. While the last little bugs and bugs from the beta phase have already been eliminated, a reputation and relationship system as well as a skill system have already been planned, which have already found their way into the game. The first will make the life of a hunter easier or more difficult based on your decisions, the second will help you to find your own style.

Of course, we are always happy about every Steam wishlist.

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Pictures for you! Pictures for me!

Our Steam Page got a small but important first update. Since we weren’t quite as satisfied with our first selection of screenshots, we didn’t even add anything. Here is a small selection:

A place full of unwary visitors in distress, the swamps, a fight against the Hunter’s enemies and an ominous creature in dark places. What is it all about? You will find out soon!

A lot is happening elsewhere in the almighty development. An important topic for us is, of course, an appealing look for our first major work. We didn’t like the already implemented standard shop design. So Mr. Fu really let off steam in the coding area to make our vision a reality. You can now marvel at the still-WIP result:


So there is still a lot going on behind the scenes and you can be excited to see what else is waiting for you.

Talk to the Team (TttT) – Some important code duplication

A coder rarely comes alone or as the saying goes. So for a few weeks there has been a storm of a tiger, another zero in the vast expanse of all those zeros and ones, in short: a cool dude in the Sleipnir gang. We’re talking about none other than SR0RMTiger.

Hey STORMTiger, nice to have you here. Would you like to tell us a little about his humble truth? Is there something we should definitely know about your RealLife-you?

  • Hey guys! What is this RealLife?

Well, I´m not THIS nerdy, at least I don’t think so. In addition to all the variants of ST0RMTiger / Stormie / ST0RMie / Storm / Tiger and co. you can call me Jens. I come from Lower Saxony and have spent most of my life here in southern northern Germany.

It felt like a century ago I studied biology and went into industry with it. Coding and electronics have been hobbies for me since I was young. Coding in particular is currently gaining in importance in the professional environment.

Probably one of my most distinctive traits is that I am interested in almost everything. Otherwise: happily partnered, house, yard and cat.

How did you end up in the team of the eight-legged horse? Nepotism? Conicidence? Fateful encounter?

  • Definitely the following fateful encounters:

1) [SNES] I am a child of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. As a kid, I always wanted to work at Nintendo.

2) [Mana hero] This nick was owned by a good friend who I wanted to develop a game with when I was in my early 20s. That’s when I got to know the RPG maker for the first time.

3) [rpgmaker-mv.de] I registered at the end of September 2021 to surround myself with like-minded people for my own game idea.

4) [Cosmo] The Doodle Fish Admin of the site and I had a chat at some point which, based on a joke, led me to become a team member of the forum. Since I had previously built and published a few plugins, my first “job” as a coder was born.

5) [Boandlkramer] We all know this good contemporary. Discussed a coding experiment in the forum and wooosh it pulled me under the Sleipnir spell with umbrella, charm and death´s cloak – thank you very much!

In addition to Mr. Fu, you are now responsible for making code adjustments for the Sleipnir Dreamware projects. What was or has been your most difficult task so far?

  • To find my way in the Discord;)

But the combat system is not without it either. 60,000 lines of foreign code. You only read in piece by piece when something needs to be fixed or changed. But as mentioned, I’m not traveling alone. Two chickens will definitely find the grain.

What do you find fascinating about your work in a team? Have you settled in well? And: would you consider yourself a real team player? Do you have any previous experience?

  • Most of all, I’m really impressed with how organized the team is. To date, Sleipnir has been a private project. But you hardly notice that in the organization. In addition, we really have a wide variety of characters with us, which is great because there are also a lot of different tasks to do. The fact that the team works in this constellation is thanks to mutual respect and I can identify with it very well.

There is also experience. In addition to my professional training, I mainly work as a manager in industry. There are many theories and training courses on this, and I have to say that I am pleased to see that, in contrast to many positions there, the culture here in the team is much more modern and broader.

What do you particularly like about your debut game “The Hunter of Falkenberg”? What makes it stand out from the crowd of RPG Maker Games?

  • Phew, I’ve never seen anyone twist and redesign a dev engine to such an extent that you can hardly tell that the game is based on it. The Hunter is a game that has been almost completely customized. The job of the coder is to make the implementation of the creative ideas of the other devs possible. And I think we can do that!

If you want to code, you have to think logically and have a good command of a language. Describe your favorite board game as a child in a maximum of 4 words without revealing the name of the game!

  • Move corridors, collect objects ^^

Thank you, Agent Double Zero, for this wonderful insight into your world of thoughts. An end to this section is also slowly in sight. What else is there to report afterwards?

Another one bites the blog!

And again you have to stop when it is most beautiful. A lot has already happened and there is still a lot to do before the well-deserved Christmas break. 

This was also one of the important reasons for postponing the demo release: If we had brought it out for Christmas now, we would not have been able to provide any real support, as the team would then spend time with the family.

Otherwise we will hopefully see you again in two weeks. Don’t forget to like, forward and above all wishlists!

Until then!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows one of our latest screenshots for our Steam page update. This Centralized Block of Italicized Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”! 

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