Hello, dear Sleipnir gang!

A bit at the last minute, but still here in time for the latest news from our little game forge! In time? Good. Unfortunately, one day too late. Due to an illness of our devblog writer, the blog post had to be postponed by one day. Please excuse this!

* Pokemon battle music * A wild coder wants to code!

It only takes 2 weeks and a new coder has already been brought into the team. So let’s warmly welcome our newest team member “ST0RMTiger”. Together with Mr.Fu, he will take care of all other ones-and-zeros-matters. So: Applause! Applause!

This of course opens up completely new resources for the entire game development process. We are now able to work on two projects in parallel in order to be able to present you even more games.

Long live the effects of beta!

Our beta phase of our first Steam game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” ended some time ago, but the demo is not yet fully ready for delivery. There are several reasons for this, but here is the most important information:

–         There is also an update to the combat system, which should boost the performance a bit. Of course, this still takes a little time to be properly implemented

–         We are still working on a small UI to improve our in-game shops, where you can get all kinds of useful things for Sigurd and his companion.

–         Two other important features also find their way into the demo: A skill tree and a reputation system. The skill tree will take a lot of brainpower to create your perfect hunter. The reputation system, on the other hand, ensures that, depending on your behaviour to the inhabitants of the world, their dialogues, but also other things, change.

There is also a bit of polishing here and there to give you a really nice gaming experience when the demo is finally available for free on Steam. When that will be is not yet 100% certain, but of course we will always keep you up to date if something more meaningful emerges. Until then, you are welcome to submit a wishlist entry on our Steam page, then you will be informed immediately if we change something.

Click HERE to add the game to your wishlist!

Talk to the Team (TttT) – I like you! You like me! I do socializing things you see!

If you are wondering who on Twitter and reddit ensures that regular tweets or posts appear there or who enjoys dealing with influencers and looking for contact with other communities, then stop! You found him! (GameMaking) Dizzy is here to share a little bit about his social world with you. 

Hello Dizzy, Lord of the CTR, social media dude, master of cell phone autocorrect. Who are you really and what is there to report about you?

–         Hey, dudes and dudesses! Dizzy was once my stage name when I was at school, when I nodded off at the piano in the middle of a concert, but you can also call me Tobi.
One thing that is very important to me at the moment: I became a dad for the first time this year and I have just as much computer time as I did in kindergarten. That’s why I’m currently writing a lot with a good smartphone.

Back then you applied as a coder for the team, but now you work in a completely different area. How come?

–         At first it was only intended as an emergency solution, because I just have so little PC time, but it somehow turned out that I can handle social media and mainly Twitter quite well. So now I’ve stuck with it.

In addition to the social media area, you have recently also taken on marketing tasks. Aren’t these completely different activities?

–         Community engagement on Twitter and marketing analyzes have similar requirements. I like to get in touch with people and chat with them. But it is also important to me that I find all the fans out there who (will) be interested in us and our projects. I like to tinker on tweets to get a few more clicks. I like to study the numbers and define target groups. Everything is very exciting!

You used to develop your own and released your own short games. Why did you choose to stop?

–         I never stopped being a dev. Also, what I’m doing now is an important part of serious game development. So here, too, I am expanding new knowledge not only for the team, but also for myself. But I much prefer to work in a team. I am not a graphic artist or musician. I can’t read overly complicated code either. Life as a Solodev is far more exhausting. But I can bring my strengths to bear much better in a team. The dialogues with the others always provide refreshing motivation.

Where do you see the particular strengths of your debut game “The Hunter of Falkenberg”? Is it easy to market?

–         Personally, I’m not very concerned about the general marketing of the Hunter. The cool music and the cool art style always go wonderfully. The atmosphere of the game is also very coherent and exudes a lot of retro charm thanks to all the specially pixelated details. This mixture is what makes the Hunter so special in my opinion.

What are you personally working on in the team at the moment? Can you show us something spoilery? Do you enjoy this activity?

–         At the moment I was working on an analysis of the various social media channels and distribution platforms in order to give the team a kind of status report and what our numbers can tell us. I had a lot of fun writing the data together and doing the analysis, as I learned a lot of new things myself. Solely the fact that I wrote over 90% of the report with my cell phone is a bit bitter, since a lot of time was spent on correcting auto-corrections.

A tweeter only has a very limited number of characters available for a tweet. Describe your favorite Pokémon yourself in a maximum of 4 words.

–         It always goes “PIKA!”

Maybe just one word would have been enough for the last question, but you should always try your best.

This is the end of this blog entry as we know it!

The end of this 2-week blog post has been reached. The end for today. It will continue in 2 weeks and we hope to have you with us again. The end of the interviews is not yet in sight, as our team has already grown again. And who knows? Maybe we’ve got some cool new moving gameplay pictures to show you next week!

Until then!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows our great artists latest work: Motherly love! This Centralized Block of Italicized Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”! 

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