Dream Factory News – One day more (til the demo release)!

Greetings Sleipnir adventurers! We start today’s blog article with a snappy-crisp and fancy-dancy approach. You want the hottest news about our action RPG “The Hunter of Falkenberg” and the upcoming demo release? Look no further, keep going!

One more day (til the demo release)!

If you’re not following us on our social media channels like twitter, reddit or hang out with us on our discord server, then you might have missed it but:

“The Hunter of Falkenberg” – Demo Release on Steam on February 2nd, 2022!

And that’s tomorrow! It’s been such a long journey so far and it’s far from over. Now it’s all about getting a good Steam launch and waiting for more community feedback.

Of course, we will continue to work on our other projects alongside our main project. Therefore you can be curious to see how things will continue for us.

We are always happy about every Steam Wishlist.

Talk to the Streamer (TttS) – The Penguins Master 

Today there is a special edition of our interview section, because for the start of our “The Hunter of Falkenberg” demo tomorrow (02.02.22) we want to interview a streamer who was already allowed to play the demo before the official release.

This penguin is very well known in the German RPG Maker community, as a colorful bird. His trademark: a penguin hat. Find his Twitch account: HERE. His language: German. His name: Agent Penguinmaster aka Murdo!

Hello Mr. self-made Penguinmaster, master of the penguin hat, inventor of penguin-controlled gaming channels and probably the secret owner of various magical penguin plush figures. We are very pleased that you took some time for us today. Anyone who knows you and your streams and videos already knows a lot about you. But please tell the others something about yourself.

  • Oh my point number one: I’m bad at self-assessment. So where do we start? My name is Murdo, I am in the prime of life and I live in Berlin. My hobbies are gambling, role-playing games, various board games, some creative stuff and before the pandemic also sports. For some time I’ve been doing Let’s Plays for the RPG Maker Community, where I present and test various projects and criticize them according to all the rules of the art. I’ve also been streaming regularly on Twitch for the past year and a half.

Time to explore your most intimate secrets: why the penguin hat? And do you think the value of guano will grow exponentially? I ask for 2 friends…

  • I’m not a self-made penguin master. I have the nickname… let’s say I worked it out for myself. I won’t reveal more here. But I wear the hat with pride. In one of my favorite games, Wakfu, you can craft some useful weapons out of guano. So if the French developer has his way, the price will surely go up. But when I see how much guano is dumped on the gaming market these days, it’s more likely to end in inflation.

Enough about you, more about Sleipnir Dreamware. Is there a history between you and the team? If yes, which?

  • There is no direct story there. I got to know the founding members through their solo projects. Except for Boandlkramer (André), I got to know him through the staff section of the forum. I was very suprised recently that MagicalSpaceWizard (Kevin)and I must have been larping in the same area for a while. Maybe we met in RL without even knowing it.

If you look back at Saturday’s stream: What do you remember particularly positively about the whole “The Hunter of Falkenberg” project? Where do you see the strengths?

  • The positive thing I remember is the project itself. It’s super easy to start a project, but it’s hard to follow through. And that in a team with so many creative minds who all tick differently? That borders on a work of art. And yet Sleipnir has found its workflow and works hand in hand in a structured way. I think that’s the most positive thing about the whole project. The game itself definitely scores with consistency and fairness. Everything intertwines. The price of the merchants depends on your popularity. But even if you’re a total scumbag, you have opportunities to move forward. I am confident that the project will be completed and resonate within and outside of the RPG Maker community.

How are your clairvoyant abilities? If Sigurd and his adventures continued, would you play it again? What else would you wish for as a player?

  • Of course I would play it again. From what I’ve heard the demo is only 20-25% of the planned sales. There is still a lot to experience there. I want a story focus. The game already offers so much gameplay that I’m worried the full version might get overloaded if there’s more to come. That’s why I hope that the existing things will be further expanded before much new comes. For example, there was very little equipment in the demo for such an extensive equipment menu. The “morale and reputation” concept didn’t offer that much impact either. I hope that there will be more in these areas and that it is worth trying out different things and that in the end you will not be forced to say “Mr. Nice-Guy” to get all the rewards.

If you are not entertaining your German community with your streams of all kinds of games, then you also develop your own games from time to time. What are your inspirations

  • My inspiration strikes me in the strangest ways. Often when playing other games, where I then miss story or gameplay elements. And it is not uncommon for a lump of missing things to form a concept of its own. Apart from that, I treat myself to 2 weeks offline every year, where I go hiking in the mountains and only have a cell phone with me for emergencies. I know that sounds totally hermit-like, but simply separating myself from the sensory overload that is called our everyday life inspires my creativity. So I have plenty of ideas. At the moment I have 5 projects floating around in my head. Whether I will implement them all, however, is another story.

Everything has an end, only the sausage has two. This interview also comes to an end. Describe your favorite antagonist from your favorite game in exactly 5 words without mentioning his name or the game!

  • Purposeful, consistent, humane, emotional, friendly.

Thanks again for your time dear Murdo! The full video for the stream can be seen here.

What’s next comes next

That’s it for this week. An exciting demo time awaits us all. The whole team is hyped and is already looking forward to lively games and “Hunter Talking”.

Until then!

Your Sleipnir Gang

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