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The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of gamedev related feelings. The steam page for our latest game The Hunter of Falkenbergis ready now and beta-testing is done as well. So what’s next?

Hooray, a Steam page!

It took way too long, but it’s finally here! A Steam page was born and is ready to get some sweet wishlist entries from you. Klick HERE or on the gif!

We are also happy to announce a soft re-launch of the page. We are not quite happy with it yet and are still tinkering here and there. Stay tuned for updates!

Once upon a time… the Beta ended!

It’s hard to believe, but slowly the last Beta reports are coming in. The question “But there will be more, right?” came up alot, which of course makes us very proud. To create something people actually want to play and more of is great.

Until the demo version finally goes public there is however still some work to be done. Our artist Stephanie created some nice new artworks for the upcoming trailer video. Some sketches of these artworks can already be seen on Twitter right now:


We want to showcase just how many steps of work are needed to create just one artwork. Amazing, isn´t it?

So, what more is there to do? Everything! For the new Steam page we are creating new graphical assets, like Screenshots and the trailer, and we are polishing the whole thing here and there. We can´t tell exactly when it will be done yet, but it should be expected around the end of 11/2021.

Talk to the Team (TttT) – There is magic in the air. The space wizard is everywhere!

Our TttT category is slowly coming to an end, as we are running out of team members, but one person has been missing until now. He wasn´t to be found in this reality, nor in the next, but today he pulled himself out of his own tophat for his latest magical trick! Kevin aka. the MagicalSpaceWizard. So, quick! A few questions before he disappears into the nether again.

Hello MagicalSpaceWizard, master of mystical arts! Illustrator of secrets, master of the dark arts! So many titles, every single one well deserved. But how should we refer to you?

  • Greetings! I go by so many names that it matters little how you call me. Chances are I won’t get it anyway because I am stuck in something else right now. But you can try “Kevin”. Not a lot is known about me, but these days my gig is art director of Sleipnir Dreamware. I got my watchful eye over everything related to our audiovisual output and my job is to ensure our creative vision is represented in a fitting and stylish way.

In the team you are not only creating art, designs, music and some levels, but you are also known for different projects. How did you experience the forming of the fellowship… ehh.. team from your perspective?

  • Andre aka. Boandlkramer approached me and suggested some kind of cooperation. After checking out his portfolio and finding he was a splendid and jolly guy I agreed. Together we asked Nick aka. Rasak to pixel for us, and he agreed as well! Sleipnir was riding! Starting there the rest of the team slowly assembled to fill gaps and before I knew I was sitting here answering this interview. Crazy how time flies!

In The Hunter of Falkenberg and other projects you got a lot of different tasks to complete. Which do you find most stressful and what was your biggest challenge yet?

  • In a small development studio everyone wears several hats, so everyone takes on several tasks. At the Hunter I contributed to the music, created levels, designed graphic elements and also created the assets for marketing, the website and various social media channels. Before you, our dear Dizzy, joined the team, I was very busy with it. This time was the most exhausting for me. So I’m all the happier to have you on the team! Nice to have you.

As we can see, you have gained experience in different areas. What does a typical working day in Sleipnir Dreamware look like for you? What do you find particularly fascinating about your work in a team?

  • Once a day I go through all the tags in the Discord. Somebody always wants something from me. Once these tasks have been completed, I look in our internal project planning software to see which tasks are still open for me, and do them as well as I can. I mostly work with Photoshop for graphic elements, Premiere Pro for videos and Mixcraft Studio to produce the music. The nice thing about teamwork is the creative input from several people. Often unexpectedly cool things happen there that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

The die is cast! “The Hunter of Falkenberg” has reached Steam. A demo will also be released soon. Where do you see the game’s particular strengths?

  • For me, the Hunter’s greatest strength is definitely the atmosphere. As soon as it starts you will be thrown into this dark, but mystical, swamp mood of the Crescent Marshlands, which so many of our testers have already praised. I would like to agree with them here. The mixture of graphics, sound and texts is really awesome!

What are you personally working on in the team at the moment? Can you show us something spoilery? Do you enjoy this activity?

  • At the moment I’m still creating the last song for the soundtrack. The guitar has already been recorded, next are the drums and the synthesizer special effects. The whole thing looks like this at the moment:

Making music is one of the things I love to do most. It requires a special sense of audio aesthetics that is otherwise not used in daily life. I find that very appealing.

Like many of the team, you once worked as a solo dev. How is working with multiple people different now? Would you recommend this to other Solodevs too?

  • Working in a team is definitely different than going solo. On the one hand, you have a lot of helpers who also personally take on unloved tasks and thus make the work process faster. In addition, there is also the additional creative input mentioned above, which is very valuable. On the other hand, you have to be willing to compromise. For someone who wants to implement their own creative vision 100% on a project, teamwork could be difficult.

It is certainly not always easy to give images of certain things. Do you have role models or even muses that you can use as a guide?

  • I think every artist has their influences. Whether he is aware of it or not. There are so many with me that I’ll just name a few that come to mind first. On the one hand, there is H.R. Giger, who among other things was responsible for the design of the alien from “Alien”, but certainly also Salvadore Dali, who was the first to be remembered with his surrealistic images. Musically I would name Arjen Lucassen, who is known for composing and producing space operas with a large number of guest musicians. Working on the way he works and assembling many different people into something greater than the sum of its parts, I’ve definitely taken an example.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Less is enough for me to graduate. Describe your most important utensil for the perfect vacation in a maximum of 4 words without naming it!

  • Magic tablet and pen

Puff! Then he disappeared again. As a magical art director and dev you have so much work with so few hours a day. In this sense: Bibidi Babidi Buu!

28 minus 14 days later!

That’s it for this week with the latest Sleipnir news. We are proud to let you have a part in our game development and also in the development of ourselves. Because none of this would be possible without all of your support! And we now urgently need it in this first wishlist phase! So if you know people who might like our Hunter or us, help us get the word out.See you later,

Your Sleipnir crew.

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