Hello dear Sleipnir-comrades! Welcome to the first edition of the Dream Factory News (DFN), your Sleipnir news!

We intend to share our latest game development progress with you every two weeks. So, let’s get started:

Grow, dear team!

We’ve added two new members to the known faces André Schmidt aka Boandlkramer (Writer and CEO), Kevin Wolf aka MagicalSpaceWizard (Art Director), Dominik Klotz aka Rasak (Pixel Artist), Andre Kalwitzki aka Kalle (Music) and Stephanie Sh aka Seshomaru (Character Artist):

  • Markus Fu. aka Mr. Fu joins the team as an excellent coder who seems to be able to solve all problems. YAY!
  • Tobias S. aka Dizzy is ready to expand our community (& social media) and to entertain them with cool stuff (management). He isn’t ready for duty as a coding beginner just yet, but working on it!.

We are hoping that we can increase the quality of our games for you by expanding our team with skilled members from all over the world!

Projects, increase yourself!

Our project portfolio continues to grow. Besides our main project, “The Hunter of Falkenberg” we’re working on “Song of Calamity” (by our dear Wizard), “Frostfate” (Rasak’s project) and our GMTK Jam 2021 project “The Hunter of Falkenberg – Rite of Sundering” (mostly known as Rite of Sundering) and most recently the already known “Astendir – the Fallen Kingdom” from our Boandlkramer. 

However at the top of our priority list is currently the release of the new demo-version of the Hunter of Falkenberg and to promote it for further success. But we think it is always a good thing to work on a few projects at the same time in different stages of development..

Hunter of Falkenberg Progress

Here we had really a lot of progress, but slow down with the eight-legged horses!

Let’s start with the most important news:

The upcoming free demo will be released on Steam! This is a very important step for us and we’re really excited that we’re at this point now. We keep you updated of course!

We’re now in the alpha-test-phase. The translation took longer than planned and since we wanted to offer the demo also in German this required a lot of work also in the coding area to properly implement the different languages for the menus etc.

Here we got a few impressions from our Boandlkramer where you can see how funny translating can be:

“I’ll do that later. Have to translate further.”

“Sorry, my head is buzzing after 6 hours of translating and I’m still on it.”

“I have to translate. Got enough on my plate.”

“I have to translate.”

“Well, I will continue to translate.”

“I’m going to play a bit. 4 hours of translating have to be enough”

That’s how the real fun looks!

The menus changed a lot compared to the jam-version. The feeling to really have a book with you while travelling helps a lot with the immersion.

New menu (the spikes above are from the map, not from the menu!)

Are we finished with everything and will the demo be released soon? Unfortunately not! There are a few graphic assets missing and a bit of coding stuff that needs to be finished while we’re alpha testing. Afterwards there will be the beta-test-phase. You want to join the tester-team? Visit our Discord-server! Every helping hand is welcome!


Happenings in Rite of Sundering

A lot of things changed in the spin-off to our “The Hunter of Falkenberg” since the jam-release. We recently released the “after-game-jam” update with bugfixes and German and even Bavarian translation. The performance increased however we’re not yet at the niveau where we want it to be. But we’re content with the release in general now since it is an important part of our Hunter universe.

Lilly, slaughterer of highscores.

We will continue to optimize it and are grateful for feedback.

Meow-ish “Song of Calamity”-News

Many things changed and happened to our classic turn-based gothic RPG “Song of Calamity”. Our magical SpaceWizard is constantly working on it and adds new features and on the new episode. For example is our cat-companion Maurice helping with finding map exits now.

There are also new artworks made by the Wizard, that even made it to be a game-dev-meme!

You can look forward to the next episode! The English localisation is already in development!

Luicid last words

This shall be enough for new input. There are many more things to tell but we think this is enough for a new summary now.

We’re always happy when people follow us, write to us or communicate in any way. Check our info-site with all important channels, where we’re at:


Until then!

Your Sleipnir-gang!

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