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Aloha you Sleipnir adventurers! How beautifully time flies when you’re busy. There are sad but also good news to report this time, so keep your eyes prepared! Here we go!

Time to say goodbye!

Let’s start with the bad news and best wishes for a friend: We would like to take a moment to say goodbye to a team member. Sound master and musician Andre “Kalle” Kalwitzki is leaving our team for personal reasons. The entire Sleipnir Dreamware team wishes him all the best for the future and maximum success in all the chapters of his life that are yet to come!

We would like to thank him for his excellent work in the musical field and very much hope to be able to stay in touch with him in the future.

Here you can listen to one of his songs for our GMTK 2021 16 bit rouguelike action RPG “Rite of Sundering” (from the “The Hunter of Falkenberg” universe)

Beat the Beta!

Now let’s move on to the good news: As planned, everything is going strictly according to our planned plan. Honestly! We’ve already been busy in our alpha phase, so things are still going quite well in the current beta phase. A few last minute bugs and other possible improvements could already be found, but everything is still ready for the demo release on 2/2/22.

Of course, we are always happy about every Steam Wishlist.

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Talk to the Tester (TttT) – Snail Speed ​​testing

You already know the team well enough. But what about those who help us diligently beyond that? What would we game developers do without testers to put our visions through their paces again? Let’s shine the TttT section in a different and yet the same shine! 

This time we were able to stop and question a well-known snail from the German RPG Maker community. Well, stopping a slug isn’t that hard, so bring on the slimy interview with game developer and beta tester “JitsuKoan!

Hello dear Mr. Snail Master, Lord of Slime, inventor of games, owner of various snail cosplays and owner of his own itch page (HERE is the itch page). Nice that you found some time. Let’s start straight away:

What is really important to know about you? Please introduce yourself.

  • Hello & attention. All answers may contain traces of slime. I’m 33 years old, male and my favorite hobby is game development with RPG Maker, which I’ve been using since RPG Maker 2000. Since you often don’t get very far as an individual, I’m glad to be the co-administrator in the RPG Maker MV community. Where you can always find someone with whom you can talk about anything. Otherwise, I like games, films and series. My main project is the game Dampftraum, which I’ve been developing since a steampunk jam. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time left for it at the moment. That’s why I always use my snail existence as an excuse when things don’t go well again. I spontaneously started with the snail as an avatar and have stuck with it ever since.

You were able to test the game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” extensively, especially in the last beta test phase. Please describe your impression.

  • Thanks for letting me test. I already liked playing the jam version and was amazed at how congruently you have now further developed the concept. An action combat system isn’t that common with the engine and I love the variety it gives me. Presentation has also become much more extensive and better. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. You can tell your teamwork is working.

What do you remember particularly positively?

  • Difficult to answer that, a lot has really improved. One of the new highlights is the menu in the Styles book and the monster entries there. As well as some great staged boss fights, which of course I won’t spoil!

Is there anything else you would wish for the upcoming demo?

  • A little more control and tactics in combat, but you’re already taking care of that with the new skill tree.

You are developing games yourself. Isn’t it particularly difficult not to compare other games with your own projects?

  • I’m developing in a slightly different direction, but if you use the engine that’s being used, you’re always in “development mode” when testing. That’s hard to put down. Bugs are then usually not only reported, but you start to analyze possible causes for them yourself. You often overanalyze things that a normal player would probably not even have noticed. But you always take away a few tricks for your own game when you see something that has been implemented really well. Being a developer yourself is both a blessing and a curse. I think the variety of people testing a work like this is particularly important.

Oh no! Time is running again as if in flight. What would you wish for the Sleipnir Dreamware team? Describe in exactly 5 words!

  • Good luck and happy hunting!

Thanks again for your time dear JitsuKoan! We wish you all the best for your projects!

The best… actually belongs at the beginning

The reader should have noticed that our website has been given a new design. Our good Boandlkramer, ST0RMTiger and MagicalSpaceWizard put their know-how together and the result is what you see now.

We hope that you will now feel comfortable on our site for much longer and that you will be able to see everything in a better light than you have ever seen.

Until the next dream factory news emerge!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog and news roll hoarder shows one of our latest Screenshots of our new Skilltree System. This Centralized Block of Italicized Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”!

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