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The whole team wishes all our players, readers and fans a happy and healthy new year 2022. We all hope that you came in safe and sound and that your resolutions will come true. Today there is only a short devblog for the start of the year, but with a lot of information. Here we go!

Mr. Sandman! Give me to Alpha!

It’s that time again! Shortly before the end of the year, our internal alpha phase for our first Steam game “The Hunter of Falkenberg” started again. For the team this means:

  • Completion of the demo work and testing of the game
  • Fixing the occurring bugs
  • First balancing and polishing in this phase

The result? Voila!

We have implemented some new systems and features. Somehow it was not to be expected otherwise that minor bugs would appear and, of course, be fixed. In addition, we have built in many other little things to make our game world even more detailed, such as this little “game with fire”:

As you can see, we are again busy working, testing and fixing and we are really looking forward to the fact that you can finally play our demo for free from 02/02/2022 on Steam.

Of course, we are always happy about every Steam wishlist.

Click HERE ! 

Talk to the Team (TttT) – That’s all, folks!

Unfortunately there is nothing to report in this section in our dev blog today. The reason is simple: you’ve already got to know the whole team. We believe that there are other important people who are directly or indirectly involved in game development. 

You will find out who that could be in the next issue. 

Happy New Year 

That’s it again with our New Years news. Behind the scenes, the work goes on and on. We still try to keep you up to date. Whether we always succeed so well on all channels is questionable, but we always do our best. 

With this in mind, we wish all readers a continued successful first week in 2022!

Until then!

Your Sleipnir gang!

This week’s blog roll hoarder shows one of our latest screenshots of our new Renown System. This Centralized Block of Italicized Text would like to direct your attention to the Discord server should you feel like chatting with us and the other community members. We are also live on Twitter and Instagram right here! Also click HERE to wishlist our “The Hunter of Falkenberg”! 

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