Author: Kevin Wolf

Dream Factory News – Hit the Road map!

Greetings Sleipnir adventurers! It’s time again for news from our beautiful dream factory indie game studio. What has happened in the last 2 weeks? Read it yourself! A wild teammate wants to fight! In the last two weeks after our first demo release for our 16 bit action RPG “The Hunter of Falkenberg” on Steam, the team has grown again. LeoW has proven himself after a small challenge and has joined the team as a new musician from Canada. The good Corenna has also joined our lively...

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Hi everybody!We just released the official SONG OF CALAMITY OST!The final 1.0 Beta, which will be the base for our kickstarter campaign, will feature 22 original songs. (Of which 18 are ready right now, so better start listening right now!)The Sountracks feature a vide variety of genres, including rock, metal, jazz, industrial and psytrance.The songs will be your company while you traverse through the everchanging forest Nimmerend, a manifestation of human subconsciousness, in SONG OF CALAMITY!

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